Independent Consulting for Talent Management

Over recent years with the development of technology and international databases, there has been a real trend, especially in SME's to bring recruitment and talent management in house; often exclusively.

Talent attraction teams, while seen as important, are often not high on the agenda of the average leadership team and as a result, the lack of focus leads to mediocre practices.  Alarm bells often fail to go off as results are eventually achieved anyway in what is considered the most efficient manner from a cost perspective point of view.  The reality is often so very different.  

Due to poor leadership, direction and targeting, internal talent attraction and recruitment teams often fail to secure the best staff in a timely manner.  If the actual opportunity cost is considered, these poor practices can cost the company fortunes in the real world; all due to short sighted leadership practices. 

This is true even before you start to consider the areas of onboarding, developing, and maintaining staff effectively, all of which can have an enormous impact on an organisation’s overall performance.

At Corporate Candy we specialise in helping leadership teams get the most from their talent departments.  We assess the procedures, practices, protocols and people in order to ensure the smooth and effective running of all recruitment and talent management requirements.