Advisory for HR Departments

HR and people management teams can vary widely from company to company.  

While we positively encourage the development of a department that shows an absolute duty of care to its employees, we don't believe this needs to be mutually exclusive from the smooth running of a commercial enterprise. 

Our belief is that for the very best results, the care of all stakeholders and the company's corporate and social responsibility are best serviced when coupled smoothly with the commercial goals of the organisation.

Getting the balance between the vary requirements is key, but, is all too often lacking in companies today.

As HR and talent management departments are run as operations teams, all too often the Board or core leadership team instructs a “steady pair of hands" to lead these departments. While of course in many ways this is not a bad thing, what tends to happen is that a department will shape itself to the "norm" and in doing so create unimaginative, uninspiring mediocrity. 

We help HR teams find their creativity while becoming more commercially astute.

Furthermore, we help improve the communication between the department and the Board as it is this re-aligned thinking that creates exceptional operations, ultimately driving greater success.