Each month, Jefferies CEO Rich Handler, also the head of its parent company, Leucadia, sends out a letter to his bankers, traders, and analysts with some words of encouragement. In the latest letter, Handler wrote about an off-site leadership program the firm held, where they were addressed by Clint Bruce, a retired US Navy SEAL officer and a former NFL player, and the message was clear: 

“A team is a collection of people all working for a common goal. A tribe is a collection of people who know why they are together, are passionate about each other, bleed for a unified common cause and trust each other implicitly. Tribes are fearless, selfless, fully committed and tireless in pursuing their unified goals. Tribes are lean, efficient, move quickly and quietly, and get the job done.  Tribes care about each other's well-being and collective success and realize there is no such thing as a zero sum game. Tribes pick each other up every time. Tribes are always honest with each other, and can always give and take constructive criticism. Tribes never have false agendas and speak plainly, openly and with integrity in purpose.”

Read the full letter here.



At Corporate Candy we are all about positive re-enforcement, fresh thinking and Tribe-spirit-building!

We have the experience, skills, tools and energy to support you to achieve your organisation’s – your tribe’s - goals and ambitions. In fact, all our consultants have founded, built, managed and exited successful international institutions and businesses themselves, giving us the ability to truly relate and empathise with our clients’ challenges and needs in the commercial world with ever changing market conditions.