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They are all Winners. They all benefit from Coaching. Could You?

Leaders are by the very nature at the Top of the Tree and suffer with one unique problem: they often have no one questioning their behaviours or actions, and basically keeping them honest with themselves.  Just like the most talented of athletes benefit from using coaches to assess their performance and behaviours, and offering suggestions for development; commercial Leaders can benefit enormously in the same manner.  

Research shows that not only is coaching being used by more people and in more ways, it is being positively leveraged to develop individuals, teams, and organisations at the systemic and cultural level. Also evident, from both our research and the success stories we hear, are some common characteristics of organizations with strong coaching cultures:

  • Employees and Senior Executives value coaching
  • Coaching is a fixture in the organisation with a dedicated line item in the budget
  • Managers and leaders (or internal coach practitioners) spend above-average time on weekly coaching activities
  • Managers and leaders (or internal coach practitioners) received accredited coach training.

Read more about this research here. And how you or your organisation could benefit from Executive Coaching and how Corporate Candy can help achieve Peak Performance in your organisation.