8 Tough-Minded Traits that Assure Success is a great article discussing the qualities you will need to adopt to become a more successful you:

1. History is your best teacher

Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others as you go through change and challenges of business. Once you see the lesson, don’t harbor the pain and embarrassment. Make the necessary changes, then let go.

2. Success is within your control

To be successful you must see success as being totally under your control. Luck has very little to do with success or failure. Luck is something you create through persistence, a positive attitude and networking for opportunities. Luck is the gift of never giving up.

3. Prioritize well

You have to prioritize your energy to those things within your control. Smart business people work smart, not just hard, by knowing what is under their power and influence and what needs to be dismissed from useless worry, concern or attention.

4. Support the success of others

Support the success of others and spend the majority of your time around those who are as successful, if not more successful, than yourself. The influence and inspiration of the successful people they spend their time with can only increase their success.

5. Speak the language of success

Words have power. Language is life. What you speak about is what you live. Complaining has never proven to make people feel better or become more successful. If there is a failure, focus on solutions instead of blaming or complaining.

6. Compete with yourself

Don't compete with others, be goal-oriented and only compete with yourself and the goals you set. Each goal achieved is a competition won. To compete with others breeds low-level emotions such an envy or resentment. If you waste time in these traps of comparison you weaken you state of mind and perception of yourself.

7. Revisit benchmarks

Review your long-term business and life goals. Reviewing benchmarks reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing and working so hard to do it. As you are succeeding, mental fatigue or burnout can set in. The key is to review tangible reminders of what your longer term goals are to keep you motivated and on course. 

8. Grateful

Take nothing for granted. Being intelligent, motivated, healthy and successful are gifts. Train yourself to focus on what you have, how far you have come and all you have gained. It is this type of thinking that will keep you inspired to succeed. To become a tough minded success you must delay gratification and put your responsibilities first. Trust that success will taste much better than momentary times of laziness and procrastination. Learn from your mistakes and rise higher after each fall. Never let a failure defeat you. Let all failures inspire you.

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8 Tough-Minded Traits that assure success